you don’t know what a shisha pen is?

This brilliant pocket-sized portable product known as the shisha pen or e-shisha is the latest trend right now as its taken over the market. But what exactly is fuelling the hype behind these magical shishas and what is so great about them?


When people talk about the shisha pen they are generally on about the pen-like stick which closely resembles the e-cigarette.  However these two products are different as the shisha pen can be bought nicotine free. But make sure you know which ones do and don’t contain the nicotine before you buy. the main ingredients in this new piece of tech are: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine and flavourings. So there is no risk of addiction.
Going into more depth about the shisha. The technology behind it is quite interesting as most people want to know what they’re paying for.


There are a variety of shisha pens on the market today coming in all shapes and sizes. For example: the hookah pen, refillable hookah, e hookah pipes and many more.


the main advertisement of shisha pens are that they are tobacco which is one reason they are so popular. and compared to normal shisha and cigarettes they are a much healthier alternative.

This is a list of health benefits that large firms highlight when comparing shisha pens to traditional forms of smoking.

  • E-hookahs do not contain nicotine and tobacco and do not produce any tar when used.
  • E-hookahs only consist of 4 main ingredients: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and water. Compare this with the thousands of chemicals that go into one normal cigarette.
  • The second-hand vapor produced by shisha pens has been described as having no clear risk to human health.


Research is still taking place on things like how the smoke inhaled reacts to your lungs. But after carrying out their routines the FDA have said that the ingredients are ‘fit for consumption’. Meaning ingestion will bring no harm to the stomach.


To conclude, the shisha pen is a simple yet genius innovation that has become the latest craze among smokers in the market.  its USP’s are that its portable and tobacco free.
Also any implication of traditional health risks caused from cigarettes is completely limited thanks to no nicotine being included in shisha pens. Research is still being conducted to make sure there are no other health risks doctors are unaware of. but it’s quite obvious that inhaling smoke will have minor effects on you.

but in my opinion this just means that it’s a healthier alternative that comes with exotic flavours. if you are a cigarette smoker why not try it out today it could save you a lot cash.

Also spread the word and share this post with a friend to let them know about the Shisha pen.

Stay puffin.


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